Shiny Leaf

Give your lips some tender love and care with organic lip care products that will truly set you out on a journey of achieving full and supple lips. Shiny Leaf offers their collection of all-natural lip balms that will work to save sensitive lips from drying and getting dull. Experts gave their seal of approval with positive lip balm reviews for the products of the brand.

Converting into an all-natural personal care is no easy feat. Shiny Leaf makes it easy and enjoyable for those who are willing to try the gentle powers of nature. The brand developed their formulas for an enjoyable and highly nourishing lip care that you can also enjoy.

Lip Balm Products - Shiny Leaf

Shiny Leaf Organic Lip Balm Set

Their organic lip balm set features seven differently flavored balms that you can choose from. They made use of premium ingredients to boost the effects of their products. There are also essential oils present in the formula of the lip balms. It gives the products therapeutic effects that protect the lips from drying. It is also soothes chapped or cracked lips.

Each lip balm from Shiny Leaf boasts of great antimicrobial properties that protect the lips from getting damaged. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals that will keep your lips looking soft and pinkish.

Shiny Leaf Unique Lip Balm Flavors

With seven unique flavors for each lip balm, your week will never get dull or boring. Swipe a thin layer of this lip care product to have a whiff of their fruity scents. With certified organic ingredients, there’s no need to worry about chemicals and toxins getting so close to your lips. It also has SPF 15 which will help defend lips from sun damages.

These extracts will bring color to your day and make your week more exciting. Buy one set to get seven sticks of lip balm.