As a staple name in the beauty care industry, Kiehl’s stands strong. Basing on the impression that this brand leaves, we can always see the Kiehl’s in a medical light. True enough, this brand is popular for its clinical approach. In the Lip Balm Products page, you can expect to see reviews about this brand and other names within its caliber. For now, let’s know more about the Kiehl’s brand.

Kiehl’s Best Products

Lip Balm Products - Kiehl’s 1

Lip balm is the number one strength of this brand. Which you can normally expect from a brand that holds an aura for a clinical approach. Aside from their lip balms, the brand is also popular for its skin care concentrates. The brand produces beauty oils that provide skin care benefits that show visible results fast.

Kiehl’s is also popular for their bath care products. The Brand produces body creams, butter, or serum that are not only great for cleansing. They are also great for nourishing the skin and getting rid minor skin problems.

Why Use Lip Balms Anyway?

There are all sorts of products sold in the lip products in the market. Probably the most popular ones today are matte liquid lipsticks. They indeed give you excellent colors, but their consistency can greatly damage the lips with dryness. Even if you’re not using matte lip colors, it is important to keep the lip moisture intact all the time.

Temperature, weather, and your health affect the well-being of your lips. Keep those barriers up with a good stick of lip balm and never risk te health of your lips.

What’s in the Name of Kiehl’s?

This brand holds generations of years in its name. For them, to last this long in the beauty care industry is something to be proud of. Starting from the very beginning, Kiehl’s is already a brand since the year 1851. The brand started out as a pharmacy in New York City. It became a highly popular cosmetics brand in the 1980s. Today, the Kiehl’s name still stands and it also continues to grow.