The ChapStick brand is a household name for lip balms and we all know that! With all sorts of brands, products, and names online, it is hard to try out products. There will always be the looming worry of getting allergies and irritate your lips. This is why we always stick to reviews and brands that are already familiar to us like this brand. But how exactly did this brand etch its name in the lip care field? Let’s find out.

The ChapStick Brand

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As we all know, this brand is popular for its fruity flavors. The brand is also popular for producing flavors like spearmint and cherry. The classic ChapStick almost has no scent but it focuses on protecting the skin for all sorts of damages. This product is ideal if you prefer to go for a subtle scent.

All of their lip balms are rich in nutrients that are great for everyday use.

The Origins of the ChapStick Brand

Growing, we probably owned a few sticks of ChapStick. Lip Balms are not exactly there to make your lips look good, unlike lipsticks. Lip balms are there to prevent any damages and infections for our lips. Ever since the 1880s, the brand is already there.

Dr. Charles Brown Fleet was a physician and formulated the ChapStick lip balm. Ever since then, the brand continues to grow and today, ChapStick comes in different forms.

Is Water Not Enough?

It takes more than jugs of water to keep the moisture of your lips. And no, swiping it with your tongue will only dehydrate it more. Lip balms help keep the balance of nutrients on your lips.  It combats the harsh elements surrounding the lips which also causes it dry, and eventually crack. The lip balm can hold the walls of your lips together to prevent painful cuts.